The First Day Home

2 Aug

I thought I would never see this day coming, but it did.  My beloved and my newborn finally got released from the hospital and are now spending time at home.  With all the issues that went with my beloved’s tumor and headache issues, we continue to believe that God has taken hold of this and she IS completely healed, in the name of Jesus Christ.  There is no other way except to believe in faith that God’s healing and resurrection power is already in this situation, and along with my church family and immediate family, we are continuing to believe that power; our faith rising up with that power.

The late nights are indeed anticipated, though wasn’t exactly sure how that would pan out in real life.  While I do know it is worth it, I also know that it is something that is definitely needed to give him exactly what he needs.  We love him very much, and if it means waking up at 2 am in the morning to feed, burp, or change him (which is supposed to be “normal”), then we shall do it.

I have spent 2 years in the waiting for this moment, and now this moment has come and it is a wondrous moment.  Holding him in my arms in the hospital is one thing; but holding him in my arms inside my home is another emotion.  No words can describe the feeling of great hope, great grace, and awesome praise to this promise fulfilled.  No words.  Not one can truly define it, save for this:  God is awesome.  He has blessed us with an amazing wonder that I cannot even imagine.  It’s more than words can say.


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